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"Mr President, ladies and gentlemen, in all honesty we expected more from the Council’s statement. We expected greater clarity, in particular, since immigration requires joint, coordinated measures for European policy, focused not on the need and the means to protect ourselves from immigrants, but above all on the capability to ensure respect for the human rights of immigrants, their human dignity and agreement among the Member States. Such a policy demands, above all, courage and truth, which is why I will just dwell on an omission in the speech by Mr Alexander which I believe to be particularly serious: he did not make a single reference, not a single word, to what has happened in recent days on Lampedusa. I would therefore like to put four quick questions to him and to the Council. Is the Council aware of the fact that the temporary holding camp on Lampedusa has been transformed in fact – but not by law – into a detention centre, a place where rights do not exist and where ill-treatment and violence are the order of the day? Is the Council aware of the fact that an official delegation from this Parliament was taken for a ride by the Italian Government, which, on the day prior to our visit, had the centre evacuated? Is the UK Minister aware that his Italian counterpart, Mr Castelli, the Minister for Justice, this morning hastily dismissed events on Lampedusa as a load of rubbish made up by the journalists? Finally, is the Council aware that the current cooperation agreements with Libya provide not only for the monitoring of the borders but also for non-EU citizens who have been turned away and deported to be interned in refugee camps in the Libyan desert that are not further identified? We await some answers."@en1

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