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". Mr President, ladies and gentlemen, we have considered this matter very seriously and also very amicably in the last few weeks, and so I extend sincere thanks to the rapporteur and the other Members involved. China joined the WTO in 2001. That means new rights, but also new obligations. China is already claiming all those rights, but is failing to fulfil its obligations in many respects. It is far from allowing foreign firms free access to its markets. Requiring them to work with Chinese firms is clearly against the spirit of the WTO. The effects are particularly harmful because intellectual property, patents and copyrights are not protected in China today. Illegal copying of technical products, counterfeit textiles and utter disregard for intellectual property are intolerable. The Commission will have to give a much higher priority to this in future. The Commission will have to speak to the Chinese much more plainly about this than it has so far. Things cannot go on as they are. Please tell that to Commissioner Mandelson. There are a lot of other things that need to be put right. The currency is still not allowed to float, China is not a democratic market economy, its public contracting is totally opaque, and the state looks on approvingly as protective duties are circumvented. Social issues are still not being addressed, workers have almost no co-determination rights, there is no freedom to form strong trade unions, environmental pollution is unconscionable. It is in these areas that China must make improvements, and that is what our resolution calls on it to do. Only if China does that will proper world trade will be possible. There are things we need to do too, however. We must work hard to ensure that Europe remains a strong economy in the future. We need more commercial freedom and more commercial responsibility. We need more training and research and a greater willingness to face up to challenges. The fact is that if China is a problem today, it will certainly be a major challenge in the future too. China also, however, offers a great opportunity for creating new jobs in Europe."@en1

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