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"Mr President, Mr President-in-Office of the Council, Commissioner, I had intended to start my brief, one and a half minute speech differently, but I must comment on the statement by my honourable friend Mrs Bonino, who spoke earlier and blamed the Greek Cypriots because they rejected the Annan plan. I think that it is accepted that decisions taken following referenda are respectable, as stated in the motion for a resolution, irrespective of whether she personally expresses her regret. However, I would expect Mrs Bonino to also explain the reasons why the Greek Cypriots rejected this plan and, also, to clarify that 35% of the Turkish Cypriots said 'no' and, also, that the settlers who are committing a war crime under international law also had the right to vote in the occupied territories in Cyprus. That by way of a brief comment. Turkey must honour its obligations under international law and the principles on which the European Union is based. Account must also be taken of the fact that the European Union consists of 25 Member States which include the Republic of Cyprus and that it would be a paradox if Turkey were to accede to the European Union and, at the same time, to have an occupying army on the territory of a Member State and to refuse to recognise it. Within this framework, Turkey has to apply fully and without discrimination the provisions of the protocol, including the chapter on transport. As such, it goes without saying that Turkey has to recognise the Republic of Cyprus. With a reunified Cyprus, Greece and Turkey as members of the European Union, peace and security in the area will, I believe, be strengthened."@en1

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