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"Mr President, ladies and gentlemen, I should like to take this opportunity to address a number of questions to the Commission concerning the four smaller European Schools. Firstly, does the Commission agree that the sharp increase in the number of Category I and Category II pupils in the Karlsruhe European School differentiates it clearly from the other three smaller schools? Secondly, is the Commission aware that, currently, more than 60 companies throughout the Karlsruhe region have Category II agreements in place? Thirdly, can the Commission confirm that its own financial contribution to the Karlsruhe European School has been halved over the past five years thanks to these Category II agreements? Fourthly, does the Commission agree that this school’s pupils now include not only Category I children of employees of the Institute for Transuranium Elements, but also some 50 children whose parents work at institutions here in Strasbourg, and who take the daily shuttle bus? Fifthly, does the Commission agree that the city of Karlsruhe only recently invested large sums of its own money in an exemplary school renovation and extension project? Sixthly, why, in its answer to my written question dated 15 June of this year, was the Commission unable to tell me the number of pupils with Category I entitlement within a 100 km radius of the school? Is it still possible for the Commission to ascertain and publish these figures? Seventh: particularly as the rapporteur mentions at the beginning that Category III pupils are not paying sufficient school fees to cover all the costs, how does the Commission justify the privilege – incomprehensible to the public – of its own staff and other parents of Category I pupils, which is that they do not have to pay any school fees at all? I am very much obliged to Commissioner Kallas for his attention and for his readiness to provide a written answer to these questions. I would invite him most cordially to join me and see for himself the significance of this site in Karlsruhe at either end of one of the forthcoming plenary sessions."@en1

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