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"Mr President, tourism is a real growth area across much of Europe; it is, above all, a sector that still relies on workers rather than machines, and that makes it an integral part of our Lisbon Strategy. We have not abandoned hope that there will be real action about this strategy rather than just even more talk. One thing I would particularly press the Commission to look at is something that is a matter of fundamental concern to my own country. As is well known, Austria is a holiday destination both in summer and in winter, and year by year, season by season, we have the same experience of a few weeks when the hotels and guesthouses are full up and there is gridlock on the streets. A lot of things would be easier to handle a couple of weeks later – that is, assuming the tourists were still there. If nations and regions – and here I am also thinking of the principal works holidays in your own country, Mr Vice-President, as well as in the Netherlands and in Belgium – were to synchronise their holidays better, it would have an enormous effect on Central Europe and would, in particular, really take the load off the tourist industry and offer it new opportunities. What we need here is not direction from on high or from Brussels, but we have learned, not least from the debates on the European Constitution, that a lot can be done by means of the coordination method, if it is taken seriously and handled properly. With that in mind, Commissioner, we can do no other than wish you much success and hope that European holidays will soon be better synchronised, that the tourism sector will grow and that tourists will benefit."@en1

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