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". Mr President, we have all borne witness recently to historic events in the Middle East of particular political importance. The implementation of Prime Minister Sharon's disengagement plan was a development which we cannot but welcome, because it unquestionably constitutes a positive development and an important step towards the peaceful resolution of the Palestinian problem. However, we must at the same time note that the implementation of this plan, which – I repeat – we welcome, cannot under any circumstances be the final solution to the problem. I consider that it is no coincidence that, while the implementation of the plan has turned the Gaza Strip into a free zone, the number of settlers on the West Bank has increased dramatically recently. Following the private meeting during the official visit between President Borrel and Prime Minister Arial Sharon last June, it would appear clear that the disengagement plan does not form part of a political process with the objective of an end to the occupation, the return of refugees and the foundation of an independent Palestinian state and I greatly fear that the of the occupation continue to exist. Israel still maintains control of the borders with Egypt in the Gaza Strip as far as the movement of goods is concerned and continues to maintain the right of strategic intervention in that it continues, at the same time, to control the coast, the airspace and the borders of the Gaza Strip. We, as the European Parliament and as the European Union in general, should continue to monitor developments in the area with close attention and, at the same time, to exert pressure on all sides to engage in substantial talks which will result before the end of 2005 in significant progress and, very soon, in a final solution to the problem, a solution which cannot but be the establishment of an independent Palestinian state and, of course, the demolition of the wall and an end to the occupation, so that the two nations can build a peaceful future which will contribute to peace and progress throughout the Middle East."@en1

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