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"Mr President, I believe the problem needs to be properly defined. It should be defined as a sustained attack on our democracy, and it therefore seems to me to be of little use, in a democratic society, to place liberty and security on an equal footing. In an exceptional and very serious situation we must put in place special measures that are appropriate for the current circumstances and have a legal basis, but this needs to be done with determination, boldly and without concessions. There is another hidden side to this debate, which I would now like to mention. I am referring to the much-discussed problem of the storage of data. It has not been said, but I will say it now, that behind all of this there are pressure groups and unacceptable economic situations. I must also add Mr President, that economic and security interests cannot set against each other and still less can they be camouflaged behind the guise of an apparent violation of public freedoms, even on a temporary basis. Mr President, I am fully on the side of the victims, of the British people and their government, and I support it unreservedly. I am on the side of democratic judges and police forces. I shall end, Mr President, by talking about something I am very well aware of. They can hear us, they have ways of hearing us, yet we do not want to know what they say, but when they say it and to whom. Mr President, ladies and gentlemen, we are not in fairyland, we are engaged in a democratic and determined fight against terror."@en1

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