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". Mr President, I should like to thank Mrs Grossetête for her work. We needed to establish the tasks of the Paediatric Committee more clearly, clarify the system and ensure monitoring of paediatric investigation plans, while at the same time giving the committee the important job of identifying special needs in the paediatric sector. At the same time, however, the various administrative deadlines and timetables needed to be reduced and clarified. It is important in my opinion – and I happen to be a doctor – that the six-month extension to which producers of medicinal products for paediatric use are entitled should be reduced, given that their products are already protected by pharmaceutical patents. Any such reward is out of proportion if we take account of the huge profits which companies make from this exclusivity, given that no one else can manufacture the medicinal product. Most importantly, consumers and, by extension, the state are forced to pay heavily for the brand until others are allowed to sell the medicinal product. Mrs Behrendt said earlier, what if we were to ask the patients, the babies, what if we were to ask the parents? I want to ask Mrs Behrendt if she has asked a mother or father who have children and who do not have the money to buy the medicinal product. That too is something we need to bear in mind. We shall support the reduction in the time to three plus three months; I should also like to add that there must be no abuse – and I agree with John Bowis – of the new system of rewards by repeating previous rewards. The legislation must clearly state that the new additional protection, which compensates for paediatric trials, will not be granted again through any other system for protecting the market from competition. Amendment 75 aims to clarify this and I call on you to vote for it. The objective of the report by the European Parliament must be to establish real dialogue between the interested parties. To close, I should like to protest about the time at which this very important subject was tabled for debate."@en1

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