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"Madam President, like the EU’s other institutions, this Chamber is forever prepared to get involved in areas with which the EU should not concern itself. The EU is removing Europeans’ national self-determination in area after area. The various debates this evening are revealing. No one in this Chamber seems to ask themselves whether what we are debating is a task for the EU. The EU’s political legitimacy is therefore in constant decline. This may be seen from opinion polls, but rarely in democratic elections. Established party structures do not give people the opportunity to express their opposition to the shift in power to the EU. It is therefore only in referenda that this popular opposition finds expression in the democratic process. This is something we have seen in Denmark, Ireland and Sweden and now most recently in France and the Netherlands. I have a political mandate from my electors to resist this concentration of power in the EU, but not in areas. There are cases in which I and those like me welcome common efforts at EU level. The Galileo project is one such area. We are concerned here with developing a European infrastructure in a very important area of high technology. The individual countries cannot manage this task successfully. With Galileo, we shall make Europe independent of an American system that, in times of unrest, may be interfered with and unilaterally closed down by the United States for military reasons. I therefore welcome the Galileo project and recommend that the Chamber support the proposal to implement its deployment and operating phases. For once, the EU is on the right track."@en1

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