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"Mr President, Commissioner, ladies and gentlemen, I too should like to congratulate the rapporteurs for the fine work carried out. Article 160 of the Treaty establishing the European Community stipulates that the European Regional Development Fund contributes to correcting the main regional imbalances existing within the Community, by participating in the development and the structural improvement of regions lagging behind in development, as well as in the restructuring of industrial regions in decline. Regional policy therefore represents a chance and an opportunity that we must not waste and that must be managed in the best way possible. I refer in particular to the southern regions of Italy, which come under the former Objective 1, now termed the ‘Convergence’ objective, which still have enormous problems and lag seriously behind in many sectors. Regional policy can genuinely be very useful for those regions, even if a number of mistakes from the past need to be corrected. At times we did not utilise all of the resources at our disposal and at other times we utilised them in the least appropriate manner. Mr Fava’s report, with which I agree, seeks to adjust this perspective, by focusing on knowledge, research and development, therefore ..."@en1

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