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". Mr President, as representative of the Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs, I would firstly like to thank and congratulate Mr Klich on his wonderful report. Our contribution fundamentally consists of setting objectives optimising resources, clarifying responsibilities, classifying security research as of public interest — a fundamental and extremely important issue — providing great impetus, by means of research, for interoperability, which is so necessary in crisis situations, not so much in terms of prevention but in terms of response to and resolution of those crises, and advocating the need for adequate funding, linking security research entirely to gross domestic product, hence taking account of the economic weight of States and not allowing research in this field to be subject to considerable fluctuations in available budget. Finally, Mr President, I believe that we will have a European programme for security research within the seventh framework programme and a plural, technical and political advisory committee. By means of these research formulae, we are going to improve one of our greatest weaknesses, the so-called C4ISR — control, intelligence and monitoring systems — and it can only be corrected by means of the correct application of European research policies, without any links to or dependency on third parties. It is essential to increase the efficiency of progress with the sensor system, biotechnology, space and communication technologies. I would therefore like once again, Mr President, to congratulate Mr Klich on having dealt with this report of such essential importance."@en1

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