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". Mr President, Commissioner, ladies and gentlemen, we must first of all thank Mrs Fraga Estévez for the excellent work she has carried out, and also the Commission for the sensitivity shown in taking account of what happened in the last parliamentary term, when Parliament had maintained that the Commission’s proposal could not be amended. Respect and a degree of humility on both sides have enabled a compromise to be reached. It has been possible to reopen a debate with the fishing organisations. We have succeeded in preventing the Mediterranean from becoming marginalised in comparison with other seas, subject to a host of obligations and bans, amounting merely to a policy designed to penalise. Whilst appreciating the fact that the regulation represents a step forward and useful mediation, however, we believe that, even now, it retains an approach that is still linked – albeit to a lesser degree - to a model of fishing suited to the northern seas. The northern seas are characterised by highly industrialised and single-species fishing, and they have a completely different marine biology to that of the Mediterranean. That is the reason for the long-standing debate – in committee and with you, Commissioner – on various minimum sizes, which we would have liked to fix more decisively: sardines and cod caught in the northern seas do not have the same rate of biological growth as the fish fauna of the Mediterranean. Equally, it is difficult to dictate overly specific limits on fishing gear, since an artisanal activity, carried out by small fleets, varies from country to country partly according to the kinds and variety of traditions. With the implementation of this regulation, we would like to aim at an objective that is rarely achieved: a basin-wide policy, that is, a global approach. That of course involves paying attention to the management and conservation of fishery resources, to anti-pollution efforts and also to the safeguarding of jobs. I would like to point out, Commissioner, that 80% of the fishing carried out in the Mediterranean is small scale and takes place in regions that are mainly located within the area of the former Objective 1: areas experiencing extreme social hardship, high rates of unemployment, and, in many cases, deprived of social support. I believe that particular sensitivity towards maintaining employment levels is a joint mission for the Commission and Parliament. We call on the Council to accept this proposal and to take into due consideration the quantity and quality of the work that it has made possible."@en1

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