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"Mr President, a great many people in Europe are dissatisfied. They feel overwhelmed by too many laws and uncertain in key areas of their lives: on the labour market, in the various different social security systems and in terms of how safe and secure they feel. People react how and where they can. They say ‘no’ to the political establishment in elections and they say ‘no’ in the referenda on the European constitution. In this situation, we politicians must respond calmly and perceptively. Neither ‘business as usual’ nor quick-fire responses and over-reactions are called for. It would in any case be wrong to make the constitution a scapegoat. It is not the problem, but at best a way of resolving our problems in Europe and with Europe more effectively. We European politicians should therefore take the trouble to consider how we can turn this situation round. I agree with those who want to suspend the process of ratifying the treaty for a certain period. This could put a stop to the negative domino effect. However, the decision-making process should then be re-started, perhaps even in a coordinated form, with the remaining decisions on the constitution all being made at the same time. I would like to see a week for Europe next July."@en1

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