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"Mr President, Commissioner, ladies and gentlemen, I would like to begin by congratulating Mr Gaubert on his excellent work dealing with a very complex and at the same time very necessary report. It is complex because there are many factors to this problem which, unfortunately, has become an everyday problem –– illegal immigration –– and also combating it by means of legal mechanisms which respond to the legitimate hopes and desires of those who are seeking a better future in our territory. It is necessary because the Union –– and this Parliament in particular –– must once and for all provide a clear response, a clear demonstration of our common commitment to resolve a problem which has been knocking on our door for too long without an appropriate response. The promotion of legal migratory channels, the application of measures in favour of the proper integration of immigrants and, above all, the fight against illegal migratory flows, are the three axes upon which I believe the Union’s strategy must be based. Firstly, we must promote legal immigration by means of responsible policies, and I would stress the word responsible, since the most recent experience, in my country at least, is a clear demonstration of the opposite; ordered immigration within an open society, with stable and flexible mechanisms to provide lasting solutions. We are talking about people, ladies and gentlemen, not figures. Secondly, we must work for the full integration of immigrants, since that is the only way we can prevent rootlessness, marginalisation and the conflicts which, to an increasing degree and with greater frequency, are arising within our societies; an integration which has a dual meaning –– for the society of destination and for the migrants themselves –– but which, in any event, must be an integral and fundamental part of our common policy. Finally, we must combat illegal immigration, clandestine immigration and mafias, that is to say human suffering in general, since, as I said before, we cannot forget that we are talking about people. For these reasons, I would appeal for a common political commitment which leaves behind all demagoguery and all unilateral and irresponsible measures which, simply for the sake of an easy vote and without considering the consequences, could jeopardise the progress we have made and are continuing to make in this field."@en1

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