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". Mr President, I would like to begin by congratulating the six rapporteurs, who have carried out some very complicated work on the difficult job of combating terrorism, of drawing up a common assessment with a view to combating terrorism on the basis of legality, respect for human rights and data protection. I would like to congratulate, by name, Rosa Díez, Jaime Mayor, Stavros Lambrinidis, Antoine Duquesne, Mario Borghezio and Alexander Nuno Alvaro. My speech relates to a documented commitment, a modest but thoroughly documented commitment, in the fight against terrorism and support and protection for its victims. Mr President, the victims must be heard, they must be respected and they must be protected, and the resources must be provided for doing all of this. There can be no concessions for terrorism. Terrorist crimes can never be justified and they must be pursued in every part of the world. Nevertheless, Mr President, inspired by my commitment to the victims, I have presented an amendment to Mr Borghezio’s report: Amendment 4, which relates to forms of terrorist funding. In my country we have the so-called ‘revolutionary tax’ which is demanded by the terrorist organisation ETA. It is the worst form of extortion in the European Union; it is a form of extortion that consists of writing to Basque businesspeople and asking them to fund its criminal activities. It is estimated that this funding amounts to some EUR 12 to 15 million per year. If this funding is cut off and made impossible, the terrorist group could not survive. There are three types of reaction to this phenomenon: there are those who pay, there are those who leave the country and there are those who do not pay but who then pay a very heavy price for not doing so. The National High Court has the legislation and processes in place for these crimes. I am therefore appealing in particular this morning to Mrs Roure to take account of what I am saying, because the support of the second largest group in the House and the other groups here is very important. I would ask you affectionately to accept and support this amendment, and to support an amendment using other more acceptable terms, such as ‘form of extortion that the terrorist organisation ETA calls a revolutionary tax’, for example, since I am talking about solidarity with the Basque and Spanish businesspeople suffering from this type of extortion. Finally, Mr President, and I will end here, I would like to address Mr Gijs de Vries: the threat persists. And Mr de Vries, who knows that the threat persists, must have sufficient resources not just to produce strategic reports, but also to run an office that can fight terrorism effectively."@en1

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