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". Mr President, ladies and gentlemen, China has, over recent years, become a major player in the global market, and so it has certain obligations to fulfil and bears a considerable responsibility. This being so, I would like to put a number of questions to the Commission. Firstly, last year saw 9 000 court cases in China involving product piracy. That is a good start. What is the Commission going to do to support the Chinese in their efforts to this end? Secondly, although sentences are handed down, they are often not carried out. How will the Commission support the Chinese authorities in enforcing the sentences passed on product pirates? Thirdly, products exported from China are often in breach of patents and copyright. During Question Time on 8 March, Commissioner Kovács assured me that the EU would offer to send customs officers to China at the EU’s own expense to help their Chinese counterparts in their work. Has this offer in fact been made to the Chinese, and how have they responded to it? Fourthly, a steam iron made in China, which bore the CE label but did not meet the relevant standards, recently caused the deaths of two people in Greece. What will the Commission do to get the Member States, without delay, to put in place effective market controls preventing such products from being put on sale and compelling the Chinese manufacturers to comply with standards and patents? Fifthly, there are to this day in China many obstacles to European firms. What does the Commission propose to do in order to effectively remove these barriers to trade, most of which do not take the form of tariffs? Sixthly, modern weapons contain the most modern of technologies. What adverse effects on businesses and jobs in Europe does the Commission anticipate if the embargo on weapons – and on the transfer of associated technologies – is lifted? Seventhly, what is the Commission actually doing to induce China to allow its currency’s exchange rate to find its own level?"@en1

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