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"Mr President, despite the fact that the President-in-Office of the Council has left and the President of the Commission is engaged in conversation, I shall say what I have to say. Unfortunately, Lisbon puts social policy in second place. With the changes proposed to the Stability Pact and to the Lisbon Strategy itself, the Lisbon Strategy cannot be made into a pro-grass roots strategy. It is a paradox and it is absurd for us to talk about creating the most productive economy on the planet and, on the other hand, to want to cut budgets, in other words to have less cohesion. Only with a series of radical measures, which also include other levels, could Lisbon become a pro-grass roots strategy. The Confederal Group of the European United Left – Nordic Green Left disagrees in its entirety. We are calling for a real social state to be introduced in Europe with the objective of full employment. For a strategy to be introduced with the objective of a high standard of living, without being sacrificed in the face of the need to increase competitiveness. For so-called flexible working times, which rot the social fabric, to be abolished. For a proper 35-hour week to be introduced without any reduction in wages, which would mean recruiting more people. We are against a strategy of unilateral growth for the benefit of big business and the private sector. We shall continue in our efforts to get those in charge at the European Commission and in the Council to take a stand at long last which will do away with the accountant's approach in favour of an approach which puts people first. This can only be achieved through radical changes to the Stability Pact and to the Lisbon Strategy."@en1

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