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"Madam Commissioner, I thank you for your very detailed reply. Although I have made my opposition known to the Commission’s proposals on several occasions, I welcome the broad range of your reply. I do not have to tell you, Commissioner, that more and more land will become available for alternative use as a result of the mid-term review of the common agricultural policy. With that in mind, could you give me an assurance that no stone will be left unturned by your directorate-general, and the other directorates involved including research, energy, transport, etc., to ensure that necessary research and evaluation is carried out to establish the viability of bioethanol produced from sugar beet? Furthermore, do you agree with me that in view of the frightening developments in world climate change and the constant rise in fuel prices, this research must be done sooner rather than late? Finally, Madam Commissioner, would it not be rewarding for you and all of us to think our farmers could and would seriously contribute to controlling climate change by alternative use of agricultural land the use of alternative and renewable energy resources?"@en1

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