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"Mr President, Commissioner, I agree with the reasons for your action when it comes to computer-related patents. My question concerns the Services Directive. It is presumably still the Commission’s role to be guardian of the Treaties. Yet, this very day - 8 March, International Women’s Day - the Commission is removing the whole of the health sphere - that is to say, an area dominated by women - from the Services Directive. We know that, if there is more than one employer to choose between, there is a much greater chance of higher wages. In view of this, you will, then, be attempting to restrict women’s opportunities for obtaining higher wages, their having only one or very few potential employers. Obtaining higher wages and being able to have more than one potential employer are important objectives. What does the Commission intend to do about this? Will the Commission present a new proposal in the health area? It is, in actual fact, the Commission’s role to grant the freedoms guaranteed by the Treaty to Europeans – women as well as men."@en1

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