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"Mr President, Commissioner, President-in-Office of the Council, ladies and gentlemen, this evening we can celebrate a minor miracle, because in Lebanon, in times past, after the murder of an ex-Prime Minister we would have seen a fresh outbreak of civil war, whereas, on this occasion, Lebanese society has responded with peaceful indignation. For the first time we have seen Druse, Sunni, Shia and Christians demonstrating together. Now, what has been termed ‘the spring of Lebanon’ needs political support, pressure and assistance. It is not sufficient to refer back to dignified or dutiful United Nations resolutions, but instead we need a commitment from these institutions, first and foremost to make President Assad of Syria aware that he has to find the courage to go beyond half-measures. Repositioning a few thousand soldiers in the Bekaa valley, 30 kilometres from Beirut, is not a withdrawal and merely looks like a charade. Commissioner, we know that there will be no peace between Palestine and Israel, or in the Middle East, as long as the Syrian occupation of Lebanon – an offence to the principle of legitimate sovereignty – persists. Since we are convinced that peace, if it is to be genuine, must be based on pluralism, we believe that there must be greater passion and political engagement in support of the peace process and of the restoration of full sovereignty in Lebanon."@en1

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