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". Mr President, Mr Vice-President of the Commission, ladies and gentlemen, as a rule, our group, that of the European People’s Party and European Democrats, entrusts Mr Ingo Schmitt with matters relating to air transport and safety in the air, past experience having shown that we can generally follow where his proposals lead. It is therefore hardly surprising that we can identify wholeheartedly with the work he has done as rapporteur for what we have before us today. We are grateful to him for his essential contribution to making what we hope is a further improved text out of one from the Commission that was already good. According to what we have heard, there are actually very good indications that the Council will go along with it, so that all three institutions will be in this together. In the committee, as has already been pointed out, we were largely unanimous in favouring a high level of awareness of responsibility and competence, and in stating more precisely what these general requirements would mean in a range of specific applications. Reference has already been made to one important aspect of this topic, that being the issue of language skills, particularly where English is concerned. In the past, there have been all too many tragic instances of deficient communications being the actual cause of grave calamities. Both the rapporteur and – indirectly – the Commission have already observed that the outcome in the committee was almost unanimous. This was not so much an expression of our not regarding this report as important as of our having indeed having come to what was largely a consensus – a consensus that we want to see emphasised by as solidly united a vote as possible in the plenary, which will enable us to take a substantial step closer to the single European sky about which we hear so much said."@en1

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