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"Ladies and gentlemen, genuine integration of the peoples of Europe will only be possible on the basis of truth. On the occasion of the recent commemoration of the tragedy suffered by the victims of the Auschwitz German concentration camp it was clear that not everyone finds this truth pleasant or easy to accept. Today I should like to draw Members’ attention to certain events deliberately written out of modern European history. Sixty-five years ago, the Polish nation felt the full brunt of the coalition between the two criminals Hitler and Stalin. The aim of this coalition was to annihilate the state of Poland and the Polish people, and to subjugate Europe. On 10 February 1940, the Soviet aggressors began the inhumane task of deporting Polish families to Siberia, the Golgotha of the East. Children, women and old people were snatched from their homes in the dead of the winter night and herded into cattle trucks. After a journey in life-threatening conditions that lasted several weeks, they arrived at the forced labour camps in the so-called evil land, where temperatures fall as low as 40 ºC. Years of humiliation, hunger, disease and homesickness awaited those who survived the journey, and 1 500 000 innocent people were deported in this manner merely because they were Polish. Such wrongdoing continued even after the end of the war, when Poland was ruled by the Soviet Union. The majority of my fellow citizens did not survive these genocidal deportations. My fellow Europeans, are you familiar with this period of history? Do they teach children about it in European schools? If we wish to build a peaceful future for our peoples, we must stand in truth, both before..."@en1

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