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"Mr President, Mr Florenz said that Natura 2000 is in grave danger because confusion reigns over the financing of the programme. I believe that the problem is a great deal more serious; not only is there no guaranteed funding, there is also an increasing lack of knowledge and growing uncertainty on the ground over what it really means when a Natura 2000 site is designated. In view of this, I should like to raise a number of points. Firstly, Natura 2000 programmes must not be financed at the expense of farmers, and under no circumstances must farmers be the only ones to suffer; otherwise, as Mrs Gutiérrez-Cortines clearly stated, property owners will be deprived almost entirely of what is due to them. Secondly, it is intolerable that infrastructure and economic development in large parts of the EU should languish due to delays and a lack of clarity over the designation of sites. In many rural areas, investment programmes that would be useful and compatible with the nature of these areas cannot be carried out because questions remain unanswered. It is also intolerable that the Natura 2000 programme, the real aim of which is to improve the EU’s standing by sending out a clear signal that we wish to be an environmental union, and not just an economic union, should be perverted in such a way. Finally, it is unacceptable that we are reaching a point where no one knows what they are doing any more, and that the reason for this is to be found, above all, in the bureaucratic procedures in Brussels and the Commission. Brussels bids us designate sites everywhere – no one is entirely sure where the money will come from, but that can be dealt with later. Countries have been told they will be brought before the Court of Justice if they do not designate any sites, something that the Commissioner has now, indeed, confirmed. This programme is not about the environment; it is designed to make a public nuisance of itself."@en1

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