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"Mr President, Mr Frattini, ladies and gentlemen, I do not wish to add anything to the reports by Mr Di Pietro and Mr Costa, with which I am in absolute agreement. I should like, instead, to reflect on a contradiction that we are being called upon to face this evening. Everyone knows that only a strengthening of judicial cooperation can make a significant contribution to the fight against terrorism and organised crime, and that implies mutual recognition of judicial decisions, exchange of information and harmonisation of guarantees relating to legal procedure. We also know, however, that many Member States do all they can to hinder such judicial cooperation in every way. Your mandate, therefore, in our opinion, also consists in standing up to the Council and making sure that all the European institutions firmly adhere to that objective. Greater political will is needed to enable us to carry out what the European Constitution provides for and prescribes, which we do not want to remain unfulfilled. Precisely for the sake of consultation and judicial cooperation, Mr Frattini, we urge you to intervene respectfully but firmly with the Italian Parliament and the Italian Government, partly because you used to be a minister in that government yourself. Italy is the only country not to have implemented the European arrest warrant. Something that might have been just serious until yesterday is, you will agree, an absolute paradox today."@en1

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