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"Mr President, I hope that this House has recovered from its infatuation with Ukraine’s ‘Orange Revolution’, and that the time has now come to look facts in the face. Yushchenko’s ‘Our Ukraine’ coalition has tabled a vetting bill, one of the provisions of which states that anyone who criticises the Ukrainian Insurgent Army, or the UPA for short, will be prevented from holding a public position. The UPA has become a symbol of patriotism, yet during the Second World War it gained notoriety for murdering Poles, Jews and Russians. This vetting provision is an attack against national minorities in Ukraine, the majority of whom are Poles. These Poles are critical of the UPA because they believe it to be a criminal organisation. The proposal is supported, however, by the Congress of Ukrainian Nationalists and its paramilitary wing, the UNA, some of the members of which fought as mercenaries in Chechnya. The Nationalists have made contact with Germany’s neo-fascist National Democratic Party, invoking their brotherhood in arms during the Second World War. National minorities in Ukraine are in danger, they are afraid and they are calling for help."@en1

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