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"Mr President, euthanasia was first legalised in the Netherlands, and sick newborn babies are being killed there completely irresponsibly. The authorities are quite indifferent to this. Infanticide takes place at the Academic Hospital in Groningen, and hospital representatives have admitted that euthanasia was practised there on four children in 2003. According to the Dutch Ministry of Justice, some 30 children have been killed in this way since 1997. The Dutch authorities have failed to react. Practising euthanasia on sick newborn babies amounts to murder and is on a par with the actions of the Nazis, who eliminated the sick from society. It is an infringement of the most fundamental human right, the right to life. Killing sick children by administering a lethal dose of sedatives is an act of unspeakable barbarism. Europe has gone as far as protecting even the rights of animals, yet at the same time defenceless newborn children are being killed. I move that the Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs should take up the matter, and that Parliament should hold a debate on practising euthanasia on children."@en1

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