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"We feel that the Commission’s proposal for the next Financial Perspectives is clearly not sufficient to address the current social, economic and environmental challenges, the need for economic and social cohesion – which has increased with enlargement – and the high levels of unemployment and poverty in the EU. Quantitatively, what is being proposed is actually an average of 1.09% of Community GNI, which is less than Agenda 2000 (1.10%) and previous benchmarks; qualitatively, the priorities are ‘competitiveness’, ‘entrepreneurial spirit’ and ‘security and defence’ at the expense of development, cooperation and cohesion. One might ask in this debate whether Barroso reinforces and exacerbates Prodi, given that statements from Commissioners pave the way towards negotiating, or renegotiating, below the already inadequate package, in line with the signatories of the ‘Letter of the six’, who intend to impose a ceiling of 1% of Community GNI on the budget, something to which we have always been opposed. We therefore wish to make it clear that we reject the Financial Perspectives, of which the average annual spending falls between the Commission’s proposal and the ceiling of the ‘Letter of the six’, which I mentioned earlier, and is moving ever closer to that ceiling. Lastly, we support the idea of retaining the seven-year financial framework, given that, even in this area, the tendency is to ‘negotiate’ downwards."@en1

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