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"Mr President, I am grateful to the Council for reminding us that the European Union does not have a candidate in the Ukrainian elections, that our responsibility is undoubtedly to contribute to the holding of democratic elections, and that we must press for a peaceful, political solution to the institutional conflict in Ukraine. We call for the ballot to be repeated and express our solidarity with all Ukrainians, with the whole Ukrainian people. We are not here to support either Mr Yushchenko or Mr Yanukovich, who have both, moreover, been heads of the Ukrainian Government; nor are we here to push for the partitioning of Ukraine between the East and the West, but to guarantee the territorial integrity of the country. I find this contrast between the good guys and the bad guys rather nauseating. Who are we to say that the democratic good guys are the Kiev students and the bad guys are the miners coming to protest in Kiev? We need to make a non-simplistic interpretation of what is happening in Ukraine. Unfortunately, Ukraine is already a geographically divided country, in which the Russian population makes up 33% of the total population. In view of these figures – which are similar to those we find in Iraq, where the Sunni population makes up 33% of the total Iraqi population – we need to find a political solution that seeks to hold the two parts together and allows the president who is to be elected – and we want to see him elected in a democratic election – to be president of the whole country. The danger now is not just that the country may split, Mr President, but that there may be civil war. I have the feeling that the spirit of Yalta is perilously alive in this Parliament and that the only objective is to drag all or part of Ukraine into the western sphere of influence. I do not agree with that. The strength and the responsibility of the European Union is not to fight for the causes of the West but to fight for the cause of democracy and to play a part in helping the President of Ukraine to be truly the president of the whole Ukrainian people."@en1

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