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"Mr President-elect of the Commission, the replacement of Commissioner Buttiglione is certainly a step forward but it is a goodwill gesture which, in our judgement, is still not enough. We are still somewhat baffled by the decision to appoint Mrs Kroes to the Competition portfolio, even though you know that that office will clearly result in a situation where a conflict of interest may arise. In an executive, and I can tell you this from the painful experience of the Italian Government, conflicts of interest give rise to the worst sort of politics. Finally, there is still some opposition to some of the fundamental political choices that you presented to us in July: I refer to the ambiguity on the subjects of war and peace, to the excessive emphasis that you place on the market and on competitiveness, and to the acceleration that you wish to impose on the processes of liberalisation. I allude to some of the political choices that we would equate, if I may say so, Mr President, clearly with the right. For these reasons, Mr Barroso, you will not have our vote of confidence tomorrow."@en1

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