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". Yet again, ‘his master’s voice’ speaks and most Members of the European Parliament trot out the US policy on Cuba as though it were their own. They naturally included a point highlighting the ‘counterproductive nature of the embargo imposed on Cuba by the United States and the consequent need to lift that embargo’. The overriding message, however, was that they seek to stop the Council from making any changes to the EU’s common position on Cuba or the sanctions imposed on the country by the EU. That is the central aim of this resolution. There are also calls, however – coming from here, there and everywhere, on both sides of the Atlantic – for solidarity with Cuba and with its tenacious and intelligent people, and those calls are becoming increasingly powerful. People are raising their voices against the illegal and criminal embargo imposed on the country over forty years ago by the USA. People are demanding an end to the EU’s ‘common position’ and its unacceptable sanctions on Cuba. People are demanding an end to the embargo, and this has once again been approved by the United Nations General Assembly, with 179 votes in favour, only four – the United States, Israel, the Marshall Islands and Palau – against, and one abstention, Micronesia."@en1

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