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". We are aware of the pressure to accord tax sovereignty – the ability to raise taxes – to the EU, and are firmly opposed to this, because sovereignty in this area is an essential element of a country’s sovereignty. We are similarly aware of the dangers of progressive tax harmonisation, the aim of which is to move gradually along the path towards a federal Europe. We would never, however, oppose greater tax coordination aimed at taxing the unbridled circulation of capital, at combating tax fraud and tax evasion, at putting an end to tax havens and at stopping money laundering. The savings directive, which forms part of what is known as the Monti package, contributes, in spite of dangers and shortcomings, towards a system whereby Member States’ tax administrations exchange information – including lifting banking secrecy – so that they can tax their citizens on interest accrued in another Member State. Accordingly, the Council has authorised the Commission to negotiate agreements with Switzerland, the USA, Andorra, Liechtenstein, Monaco and San Marino on implementing measures to prevent flights of capital. We welcome those agreements, not, as the rapporteur claims, due to barriers to the internal market, but because coordination is needed to tax capital and to combat tax havens, not least when the ( )"@en1

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