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"Ladies and gentlemen, our warnings concerning the dangerous road the EU is going down are being borne out. We are witnessing the formation of a new totalitarian system, which holds in contempt natural rights, the rights of nations, the rights of families and every individual’s right to life. Dreams of a Europe of solidarity, democracy, freedom, and assistance for the less able are fading. Ladies and gentlemen, your EU has not been a success. The reality is one of chaos and moral relativism, economic crisis, unemployment, growing social discontent, the law of the jungle behind a democratic front and a division into superior and inferior states. A new super-state is being founded on falsehood and fantastic ideology, the origins of which can be traced back to previous totalitarian systems. This was bound to happen, once God was rejected and His place usurped. We Poles have no desire for such a Europe, and we hereby appeal to all other nations: wake up, all you people of good faith, especially those of you who declare your Christianity! They are spitting in your face, and you are silently submitting to corrupt compromises. You sacrificed Professor Buttiglione, and you agreed to a dictatorial Constitution. We do not agree to such a diktat and such barbarism. We wish to help minorities that are lost and have been hurt, but we will not submit to their pernicious domination. The nations of Europe have a right to freedom, to truth, to God and to the Cross. That is our Europe!"@en1

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