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"Mr President, on 8 October the Territorial Association of East Prussia ( held its annual meeting. Twenty-one territorial associations are active in Germany, and they are openly anti-Polish and anti-Czech. Under an act passed in Germany in 1953, every German evicted from territories that belonged to the Reich or the Habsburg Monarchy before 1914 is to be considered a displaced person, with the status of displaced person being hereditary. The territorial associations call for the annulment of the legislative acts signed to end World War II. This is exactly what the Nazis did when they on the Treaty of Versailles. The charter of the Territorial Association of East Prussia demands that part of Poland’s territory be seized, and the Polish Government is regarded as an interim government. Yet the German Government grants subsidies to these associations, and their meetings, at which recordings of Waffen SS marches are sold, have been attended by Chancellor Schröder and Mr Stoiber, the President of Bavaria. How can Germany, an EU Member State, support revisionist organisations and allow them to operate legally, whilst these organisations call to war? The German beast is stirring again, and the spectre of Hitler is hanging over Europe. I appeal to the European Parliament to look into this matter."@en1

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