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"Mr President, Mr Vitorino, in this new phase of the Union, the area of freedom, security and justice must be strengthened in order to achieve greater efficiency and legitimacy in view of the new challenges facing us, which in some cases are genuine, acute, proven, dormant or latent threats to our fundamental values. We believe it is essential for the European Union to commit itself to a common anti-terrorist political strategy which is able, unhesitatingly and with the determination allowed by the law, on the basis of reason and the desire to protect lives, to neutralise any terrorist organisation that acts within our area of freedoms or from our area of freedoms. In that way we will enhance the credibility and trust in our democratic institutions amongst our citizens. Mr President, we cannot promote or enhance our freedoms or rights unless we are able to defend them. And those rights and freedoms are our greatest heritage. Mr President, in order to contribute to this aim and this inescapable obligation we also need to respond to certain problems, such as the problem of asylum. We need a common procedure and effective measures to protect refugees and to tackle the mafias who run the cruel traffic in those refugees. We need common management of our external borders and, finally, it is essential to make great progress on judicial and criminal cooperation, particularly in the criminal field. I am delighted at the level of agreement between the Council and Parliament, despite the reservations on the competences of the Court of Justice. I would like to praise the Dutch Presidency for its sensitivity and to correct it: yes, terrorism is our principal and fundamental problem. I will end, Mr President, by congratulating Mr Bourlanges and particularly Commissioner Vitorino, with whose speech I agree entirely."@en1

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