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"Mr President, I should like to express my sorrow and concern about recent operations by the Israeli army. The results, once again, have been tragic, with dozens of Palestinians, mainly civilians and children, killed or injured. I am truly saddened by the fact that, despite the global outcry, the Israeli Government persists in this undeclared war and bloodshed. What we see unfolding before the eyes of the whole world are crimes against humanity. The European Parliament too should call on the Israeli Government to stop at once the attacks on and the murder of civilians in the Gaza Strip, to stop building the wall, the sole objective of which is to isolate the Palestinians, to stop tearing down homes and to comply with the rulings of the European Court of Human Rights and the Geneva Convention. At the same time, we should also denounce in the strongest possible terms the rocket attacks and bombings in Egypt last week, which resulted in the death of numerous Israeli and Egyptian civilians, because the last thing that did was to help the peace process. We should also call on both sides to apply the road map. Finally, I should like, on behalf of my group, to express our undivided support for the Palestinian people, who continue to resist and fight for their independence, and for the forces for peace in Israel acting to put an end to the bloodshed."@en1

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