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". This is an enormously significant resolution, which has marked out clear boundaries. The joint motion demonstrates a consensus between the right and the social democrats, which cannot go unmentioned. On what is this consensus based? It is based on acknowledging the Iraqi people’s resistance to terrorism (which exists, which we condemn, but which is not exclusive ... of others). It is based on transforming the dramatic situation of the victims and the journalists and volunteers who have lost their lives or have been taken hostage and not as a consequence of the invasion and the occupation. It is based on attempting to bring under the UN umbrella, in the near future, something that was done on the margins and against the UN and international law. The amendments tabled by the Green Group would widen the consensus to the point where we would be the only ones on the outside, and the fact that amendments tabled by our group were not approved appear to provide further evidence that we would be isolated on this crucial question. We do not feel that we are so isolated. We know that we are with those who reject the illegal and unjust nature of the war, the invasion and the occupation that were perpetrated. We are with those who resist and with those who demand the immediate withdrawal of occupying forces. Similarly, it is the people who are against war and in favour of peace that are with us."@en1

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