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"Having learnt the lessons from previous experiences and failures, this was to be a surgical operation; complete in a matter of days, weapons of mass destruction located and eliminated, a dictator toppled, a democracy – another democracy – installed. Days passed; the days ran into weeks, and then months. We are now measuring the time in terms of years; the weapons never existed (as we knew); a country is being occupied against the will of its people, who are resisting; the war goes on, in increasingly dramatic fashion; the casualty figures mount up, from dozens, with names and faces, to thousands, who are anonymous and do not count towards the statistics. What is more, some political positions appear to be held hostage by hostage taking. The United States has installed military bases in that part of the Middle East whilst in Palestine violence against Palestinians has reared its head again, the price of oil has risen, thereby demonstrating all the inconsistency of an economy that is entirely dependent on oil, of a globalised economy that is in thrall to finance and speculation. In the countries of the EU, since the initial split, there has been relative unity in search of a share of the spoils of occupation and reconstruction. There are those, however, who have denounced this enormous sham, and it is essential that they do so because people now have access to information that was previously non-existent or much less complete. Let us fight to ensure that positions of this ... ( )"@en1
"Explanation of vote abbreviated in accordance with Rule 163 of the Rules of Procedure"1

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