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"Mr President, ladies and gentlemen, ‘It was our principles that lead us to confront terrorism with determination and without concessions, because it represents the greatest denial of individual freedoms, since it is an attack on the very foundations of democratic co-existence, because we must defend ourselves against those whose fundamental aim is our destruction.’ I have borrowed these words from a victim of terrorism who spoke them last week in Berlin before a sensitive and committed audience. I would like my first comment, Mr President, to be one of solidarity with the victims of Beslan, and it is with emotion that I express my compassion and share in the grief. There is no justification for terror, no possible cause can justify it. Killing, murdering children, murdering mothers and fathers of children, killing children’s teachers is the most extreme expression of the most miserable of human behaviour. The victims were tortured for 52 hours and then murdered. Those are the undeniable facts. Shamil Basayev, who planned and authorised the attack, is not a leader of the Chechen independence movement, he is a murderer of children, an inhuman terrorist who has littered Russian soil with innocent bodies. This is the truth and is undeniably the fatal consequence of indiscriminate terrorism. So I would like to express my total and determined condemnation of this event which degrades the human condition in the extreme. We are seeing an unprecedented increase in the spiral of terror. I would like to express my support for the Russian authorities in their quest to arrest and prosecute the people responsible for this horrific attack quickly, and I can assure you all that my emotions are not purely rhetorical. I have visited Chechnya and Ingushetia; I have visited the Chechen refugee camps; I have spoken to Kalamanov on two occasions; I understand the complexity of the political problem and I am aware of the human rights violations of the parties concerned; I also know what Politkovskaya has said. I have seen terrorism from close quarters in my own country, from less than five centimetres away, and I can state with democratic conviction that these savages cannot be given any advantage. They take advantage of our doubts and turn parts of our debates into their own arguments whenever it suits them. I would call for the democratic capacity to identify the problem properly and combat it with determination and without reservations. I call on you to restart the debate on Europol, to revise United Nations Security Council Resolution 1333 and to make the European Agency for the Management of External Borders operational."@en1

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