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"Mr President, ladies and gentlemen, I think the figures and numbers that Mrs Hybašková and Mrs Morgantini have given us need no comment but just deserve our absolute respect. I shall be more cautious in seeing the shadow of al-Qaeda behind every conflict that breaks out on this earth. I am not particularly interested in President Bush’s definition of genocide or in deciding on a point of law as to whether we are dealing with genocide in this case. I am much more interested, as other Members have said, in what we can do and what we must not do. What we certainly can do is envisage direct, rigorous sanctions, such as an arms embargo or an appeal to the International Criminal Court, as Mrs Bonino has suggested, in order to seek a political solution. Of course, we must at all costs avoid creating the preconditions for a military intervention, even though it would be justified on humanitarian grounds. Mr President, we are all aware that the history of recent years, from Bosnia to Iraq, has been that of the arbitrary and often counterproductive use of force to resolve crises. That is an option to be avoided, most of all because we would risk turning this region into a never-ending war zone."@en1

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