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". Draft amending budget No 8/2004 relates to the revenue side of the budget and comprises a number of elements affecting the level of contributions by Member States to the Community’s own resources the correction of budgetary imbalances granted to the United Kingdom from 2000 and 2003 – the so-called ‘British cheque’. Although the rapporteur’s intentions have not appeared in the report – the approval of Commission decisions to create a general mechanism for correcting imbalances in the Community’s own resources – we must, however, restate our strong opposition to the Commission’s intentions and those of the main financial contributors; after all, you cannot remedy one injustice by committing another. In practice, the aim of the proposals on the table is to implement a new kind of ‘British cheque’ for other financial contributors, given that it is not possible to cancel a ‘British cheque’. Indeed, the remaining Member States cover the shortfall. The correction of imbalances would entail a harmonisation of effort per inhabitant, depending on the relative wealth of each country. National contributions based on GNP would be the fairest way, albeit subject to improvement, of solving the evident imbalances in budgetary contributions."@en1

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