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". The aim of Draft amending budget No 7/2004 is to enter in the 2004 budget the surplus from 2003, amounting to EUR 5 470 million, which mainly consisted of the under-spending in the Structural Funds. It should be noted that the surplus would be EUR 10.5 million in 2003, had EUR 5 000 million not been reduced by Amending Budget No 6/2003. Budget surpluses have been consistent since 2000 – EUR 12 000 million in 2000, EUR 15 000 million in 2001 and EUR 7 000 million in 2002 – due to under-spending in the Structural Funds. If the funds for economic and social cohesion are the target of spending and are vital for economic and social cohesion, we must ask the following questions: Why is this not being done? Is it because of the Stability Pact? Is it due to a lack of political will? Against this backdrop, it would appear to make sense, for those who say that there is extra money because money is not being spent, with the budget having to remain below 1%, to reduce the Structural Funds and even to renationalise the cohesion policy, which is not acceptable. It is no coincidence that the main net contributors are among the worst performers. ... ( )"@en1

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