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"Mr President, yesterday, 3 May, when the European Union was celebrating its enlargement, the people of Poland were honouring the Most Blessed Virgin Mary as Queen of Poland. She is also Queen of Europe and of the whole world. We are bound to respond appropriately to this special protection granted to us. Please accept this gift from the people of Poland. It is our most precious treasure, the Cross of Christ. May this Cross be a source of strength for us. Only by seeking inspiration in the Cross can Europe rise above chaos and moral degradation. Mr President, I shall now speak to you as Pat Cox, the father of a Catholic family. Like the Holy Father, you have been awarded the Charlemagne Prize. I am sure you are familiar with the teachings of John Paul II and aware of his concern for the spiritual unity of a Christian Europe. We are today seeking a way to find peace and a way to combat terrorism. We long for justice and progress. The Holy Father himself, Europe’s first citizen, the champion of the true union of Europe, is constantly reminding us that Europe needs God. It needs God’s laws and God’s constitution. Only then shall we overcome all manner of afflictions, injustices, and terrorism. We cannot hope to overcome terrorism as long as we condone those dreadful acts of terrorism committed secretly every day. I refer to the killing of the most innocent of victims, namely children conceived in their mothers’ wombs. If Europe rejects God’s laws, it will also reject the rights of nations and the rights of families. It will reject human rights, including the most important of them all, the right to life. Mr President, I am confident you will make arrangements for this cross to be hung in a place of honour in this Parliament. The cross stands for love triumphant. A cross must be hung in Strasbourg, and another in Brussels. Do not allow yourself to be deterred, Mr President! You must have the courage of your convictions!"@en1

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