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"Mr President, I had prepared a speech, which I decided to put aside after listening to the comments made by some Members from the Right. I believe that as long as criticism is bandied around in this House – as if we were putting Galileo on trial – every time that we deal with the issue of women’s rights, and as long as we use the word ‘obsession’ when talking about rights, our debates will do no more than give work to the stenographers. We would have expected greater severity and more passion from some right-wing Members when, for example, denouncing the legal gap that exists – which runs counter to all the rules of international law – on the status of the Guantanamo Bay prisoners. We would have expected passion and severity in denouncing the arbitrary use that is, unfortunately, often made of the fight against terrorism to repress dissidents. Mr President, we believe that the defence of rights should be sought and guaranteed, above all, in everyday life in order to stop the rights of the just becoming the rights of the few, and we really feel that such silence on this issue is obsessive."@en1

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