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". During the last parliamentary part-session, representatives from the works council of the Group, a company that specialises in the manufacture of rolling stock for the railways sector, presented to Members of this House the details of their case and their concerns regarding the loss of acknowledged high levels of quality, experience and technological capacity in the construction of this kind of equipment that would result from the impending closure of six units in the EU. We hold the Commission and the Member States responsible for allowing this crucial sector to be dismantled and thousands of workers to be made redundant. In Portugal alone, this situation has led to 550 direct job losses and almost 1 000 further job losses in subcontracting firms. If the future, priority in developing the trans-European transport network is to shift road transport to rail transport in particular, we will need increasing amounts of new equipment and rolling stock; which is where ’s argument to justify the measures it announced – namely, a lack of orders – falls down. Whereas some aspects of the proposal under discussion are worthy of criticism, we must register our support for its commitment to alternative means of transport that are less harmful to the environment, such as rail transport. This is not an isolated case, and special measures must be put in place to protect this key sector of European industry."@en1

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