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"As the Treaty provides for a common transport policy, the Commission has been presenting a series of proposals for membership of various international conventions, so as to enable it to exercise those competences delegated to it by the Member States. This proposal forms part of the ‘Single European Sky’ initiative, which provides for an active Community role as regards Eurocontrol's technical competences. The accession protocol stipulates the legal provisions permitting the Community to become a full member of Eurocontrol, establishing joint participation in Eurocontrol by the Community and the Member States on the basis of an allocation of voting rights. Voting rights are to be exercised by the Community or by its Member States depending on whether the issue at stake falls within the competence of the Community or of the Member States. Nevertheless, the treaties do not, apart from anything else, confer competence on the European Community with regard to issues of defence and national security, which means that the use of airspace for military purposes does not fall within the competence of the European Community, as we advocated during the debate on the Single Sky. As ever, attempts are being made to move forward in ways and at a pace with which we cannot agree."@en1

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