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"Mr President, Madam Vice-President, ladies and gentlemen, in my country, Austria, during discussion of the transit issue, the prevailing opinion was that the European Parliament was responsible for the failure to come up with a reasonable successor regulation. I believe that this was not the case, but it is essentially idle to argue about this. Here and now, we have what we always supported in Austria, namely a signal for a new Pan-European transport policy which, in addition to the classic objectives of such a policy, namely traffic capacity, a favourable costs ratio and road safety, the needs of others are also considered, in particular the needs of people who reside and have to live along the European transport routes, and the requirements of the environment and the goals of sustainable development. In this debate, which will, today, conclude with a result at first reading, the rapporteur, Mr Cocilovo, has achieved a great deal in an excellent collaboration with many people in this House. For this we must thank him, and also for the good deal of progress that we have made, which has produced results which should, at the end of the day, complete this procedure. We have prescribed cost-fidelity as a principle of European transport policy in general. In particular, we have also managed to get the so-called external costs integrated. We have addressed the special legal protection of sensitive areas, but also non-sensitive ones, and also sensitive times – with the emphasis on night-time traffic. We have, as is particularly important, ensured that toll revenues end up and are applied precisely where we urgently need them, namely in a combination of purpose for the transport sector and the possibility of achieving cross-finance between the individual transport players. Not everything that we have achieved in this first reading in this House is sufficient in each individual case, and, for that reason, the next few months will find us having to do more work on the subject in the new parliamentary term, and we will have to endeavour, in the new Parliament, in a larger and expanded Parliament, to gain an understanding – if possible an improved understanding – for the matters of which I have spoken. We will in particular also be required to ensure that the Council is involved in our discussion and that in the foreseeable future we will have a reasonable overall result."@en1

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