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". I voted in favour of Preliminary Draft Amending Budget No 5/2004 in order to allocate the budgetary resources mobilised from the EU Solidarity Fund as swiftly as possible, to ensure the necessary Community assistance for communities affected by natural disasters in Spain, in France and in Malta in 2003, thereby helping to ensure that this assistance is provided as quickly as possible. To this end, it is also crucial that this amending budget is adopted at first reading, as has happened in the past, specifically in the case of the forest fires that occurred in Portugal in the summer of 2003. The EU must demonstrate full and prompt solidarity with regions in the Member States or candidate countries that are affected by natural disasters and alleviate the serious consequences of these disasters for people’s living conditions, the environment and for the economy. For this reason, aid must be not only swift, but also visible in the appropriations provided. I therefore believe that the criteria for eligibility to the Solidarity Fund must be amended to provide for this."@en1

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