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". This report is of enormous importance. It is a strategic report, even though it conceals or disguises its class nature, which the so-called Lisbon strategy reveals clearly. Just four topics. First, point 38: I welcome the statement that the free movement of workers is the least developed – particularly when compared with the rampant movement of capital; the GUE/NGL draft amendment would make this even clearer and more positive. Secondly, point 40: the two freedoms of movement mentioned above oppose each other in the management of pension funds by multinational companies, which is presented as highly desirable. For whom? Serving what kind of economy? A speculative one?! Thirdly, point 10: its welcoming of ‘the proposals to continue liberalisation and the opening up of markets in other sectors (notably water and postal services)’ inspires in me a feeling that is the very opposite of welcoming and makes me strongly support the amendments tabled by my Group and the rapporteur. We must be extremely vigilant concerning the Commission’s proclaimed ‘neutrality’ as regards the status of water ownership. Fourthly, point 9: this should quite simply be phrased the other way round: ‘the effective and efficient working of the internal market should reinforce rather than hamper the social dimension.’ That is all for now, although there is a lot more!"@en1

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