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"Mr President, Commissioner de Palacio, I will use this minute to announce that our group will vote in favour of Amendments Nos 39 and 45 that provide for the bridge over the Straight of Messina to be eliminated from the projected Berlin-Palermo Corridor. When the funding of new public works is being debated, amendments to delete things are quite rare. In general, parliaments propose additional and supplementary features. This increases still further the political significance of the position of our group and of other groups that will vote in favour of these amendments on the grounds that the bridge is economically and environmentally unsustainable. To link Palermo with Berlin, more than a bridge would be needed, Commissioner. A whole railway would be required. In Sicily, trains still run on single tracks, like in the time of King Vittorio Emmanuele. We stress that we do not have any ideological prejudice because of this; we are simply convinced that this is a useless, unrealistic and costly project."@en1

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