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". The introduction of the new financial regulation required basic instruments to be adopted for a number of grants that have been financed to date without needing their own legal basis. The purpose of this proposal for a Council and Parliament decision is to establish a Community action programme for Commission grants in the field of protecting the Community’s financial interests – the HERCULE Programme. This programme will ultimately finance specific measures and will cover grants to bodies working in this field. This report improves the proposal for a decision, and as such deserves our support. Firstly, the report is in line with the decisions of the budgetary authority agreed at the end of last year, in other words, an action programme for 2004-2006, which will be funded to the tune of some EUR 12 million. It proposes that the grants should subsequently be staggered in line with the aims (technical support, training, exchanges of specialised staff and seminars and conferences) and that reporting by OLAF, on the execution and aims of the current programme, is to be brought forward."@en1

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